Stash Node Pro

Stash Node Pro

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The Stash Node Pro is a personal, turn-key transaction server offering private access to your own copy of multiple cryptocurrency blockchains on the go.

The built-in support for Open-Transactions also gives you self-hosted encrypted messaging and a powerful financial instruments framework accessible through Stash Wallet, with features like digital cheques, invoices, recurring payments and smart contracts coming soon.

No trusted third-parties, gatekeepers, or middlemen to step in your way or spy on your payments and communications. Take back exclusive control over your own money.

  • 1 TB HDD & 4 cores to verify multiple blockchains
  • Pairs with Stash Wallet as a secure mobile interface
  • Self-hosted encrypted messaging server
  • Hassle-free automatic remote updates
  • Collector's Edition: logo etching from original prototype

New Orders Suspended Until Relaunch, Q1 2019