Frequently Asked Questions

for Stash Node Pro and Stash Wallet

Last updated: Feb. 21, 2017

What is included with my Stash Node Pro?
#1 Stash Node Pro
#2 AC Power and Transformer Cable
#3 Serial RS232 to USB A Cable
#4 USB A to USB to Micro USB cable
#5 Low profile USB recovery stick
#6 Orange Ethernet Cable
#7 Wall Mounting Brackets
#8 Start-Up Guide

How do I install my Stash Node Pro, and have my Bitcoin full Node running?
#1 - Remove unit and cables from the packaging.
#2 - Plug the unit into the AC wall socket, and plug the unit into your Internet router via the supplied ethernet cable.
#3 - Push the "on" button. The blockchain will top-off, automatically. You are done with physical setup.

What software is the Stash Wallet application available on?
Stash Wallet is available to all Android Devices that are running Android version 5.0 or higher.

Where can I download Stash Wallet?
Stash Wallet is available for free, on the Android Play store, but currently by invitation only (it is in Alpha testing mode). We allow downloads for all Node Pro owners, and relatively soon thereafter allow anyone to download and use it in Beta mode for free. Stash Wallet for iPhone shall be arriving slightly later in 2017.

When will an iOS version of the Stash Wallet be available?
Stash Wallet for iOS is scheduled to be available in Q3 of 2017 (we have a working pre-Alpha version now, under development).

Can I control my Stash Node Pro from my desktop?
Very soon. Stash Desktop, which runs in Beta mode today as it has since 2015 (on Mac, Unix, and Windows - with the open source name "MoneyChanger"), will also be integrated into a full GUI interface to your Node Pro.

When will my unit arrive?
Orders usually ship 2-3 business days after they are placed. We use FedEx Ground for our shipments. Tracking information will be provided and units then take 2-3 day to arrive at their destination.

Will you ship to non-USA locations?
Not currently. Some of our Founder's Edition SNPs went to world wide destinations. We expect to recontinue worldwide sales in Q2 2017. For updates on SNP progress and shipping availability, please join our mailing list.

Does the Stash Node Pro include any type of warranty?
Yes, the Stash Node Pro comes with a one year limited warranty. We strongly support our products and we are confident in their quality.

What are the Stash Node Pro hardware specs?
The Node Pro has a 1 TB hard drive, a quad core Intel processor, takes about 14 Watts of power, and has dimensions of 5.3" L x 5" W x 1.8" H (13.5cm L x 12.8cm W x 4.5cm H). Of course, it's the unique software which it runs under StashOS, that makes it so powerful.

Can I sync my stash node pro with a USB-C connection?
Testing is currently being done with this type of connection. More info coming soon.

Are Founder’s Edition Stash Node Pros still available?
No more are available for sale. We produced a limited number of Founder’s Edition SNPs in Q4 2016, which have all been shipped. Their software and hardware are identicial to the units we sell today, except for a unique serial number. Thank you to all our early adopters!

How can I get the most benefit of my Node Pro?
Using Stash Wallet (currently running under Android 5.0 / "Lollipop" and higher) as a GUI to get your Open-Transactions benefits running on your Node Pro, sync your crypto keys with your phone/tablet via the supplied USB/Serial cable. Also, as a Node Pro owner, you can allow/invite your friends and business associates (even without ever meeting them in person) to get mutual benefits by interacting with your Node Pro - on their free Stash Wallet Software.

What unique features does Stash Wallet have?
Quite a few. However, simply listing our privacy enhancing industry protocols that are running today, which no other wallet has running combined, are:

- BIP39: mnemonics for creating and restoring your wallet seed.

- BIP44: account and address management.

- BIP47: payment addresses / payment codes, for mobile stealth addressing.

- BIP69: input and output sorting for a generic wallet footprint.

- BIP126: heterogeneous input script transactions for increased obfuscation.

Is your code open-source? Can I view it?
About 99.9% of the code that is running on a Stash Node Pro appliance (and other hardware as well), is open-source. ALL code, running Stash technology, is completely viewable for security audits by our customers, available as either open-source or "available for inspection". Stash has the commitment to make sure all of our users/customers can see, inspect, and therefore know, every single line of code provided by us which runs, and may affect any element of security on their devices.

Who are the founders of Stash?
Chris Odom, Architect and author of Open-Transactions, and Cliff Baltzley, Founder of Hushmail and semi-anonymous cypherpunk since the early 1990's.

Who else is on the Stash Team?
We have a dozen staff members, primarily based in Austin. The team includes several specialists, including Justus Ranvier (creator of BIP47), Daniel Krawisz (creator of Shuffle Puff coin mixer and Satoshi Nakamoto Institute), and career cypherpunk Steve Schear (creator of the Warrant Canary).

Do you have links to Twitter or GitHub?
Yes, you can find us here and here.

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