Your very own autonomous, fully-featured financial platform, accessible anytime and anywhere.

After seven years of rigorous development, Stash is delighted to announce the launch of our powerful transaction server and mobile financial platform: The Stash Node Pro.
Built upon the blockchain and the first turnkey plug-and-play integration of

Bitcoin Full Node

Purpose built for Bitcoin with a self-hosted copy of the entire blockchain, capable of supporting blocks of any size.

Censorship Resistant
Financial Control

Censorship resistant with zero reliance on third-party services where user accounts can end up denied, closed, monitored, or throttled.

Augmented Chain

Open-Transactions includes invoicing, recurring payments, bid/ask exchange, smart contracts, and end-to-end encrypted messaging.

Stash Node Pro and Stash Wallet

Stash Wallet

Stash Wallet is a free and easy-to-use, standalone mobile app and Bitcoin wallet. It ‘pairs’ with your Stash Node Pro, giving you full roaming access to your personal copy of the blockchain.

Stash Wallet Screenshots
Reusable Payment Address

Our open identity system provides Bitcoin (and future currencies) with reusable, two-way payment addresses based on BIP47.

Private and Fungible

Publish a single payment address to send and receive payments - and issue refunds; without coordinating one-time-use deposit addresses or sacrificing privacy.

Revolutionary Features Coming Soon

At Stash, we’re building out the infrastructure for economic freedom and prosperity. You can look forward to the following Stash Node Pro features and innovations planned for release in 2017 (click each for more info).

True Financial Autonomy

Stash excels at providing total autonomy and control over one's own finances.
The Stash Node Pro appliance is a huge leap forward in this direction.
There is nothing else like it.

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Stash Node Pro - Standard Edition

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